Untouchable Talent

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Fondly known as “the entertainer” Kevin is NYC’s premier MC. He projects a cutting edge energy that is felt by everyone at the event. Filled with warmth and of course unbelievable talent, KT draws a crowd with his infectious smile. A hip and stylish gentleman who really cares.

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Any MC who wants to learn how it's done should look no further than MC Conor. Conor is an elite MC who passionately connects with everyone and delivers at the highest level. He is all about 'team' and 'enthusiasm' which is why he is one of our top requested performers by both clients and event planners.

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Jesse, a finalist on X Factor, is pure talent! When he grabs the mic he will electrify your event with his understated and polished personality. Handsome, charming and sincere to the core , he will leave you and your guests an unforgettable memory.

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Our resident break dancer, Justin delivers his downtown contemporary style to create a cutting edge approach to MC’ing. He energizes the room, not just with his words but with movement. An extraordinary performer, Justin brings unmatched energy to each and every event.

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Tarik aka MC AllStar, is a graduate of the NYC Public School Repertory Company High School of Performing Arts and a finalist from "So You Think You Can Dance". Tarik empowers the audience with his moves rather than words. Street style and sophisticated fun drives home the most outrageous events. Passionate and caring MC AllStar is one of a kind.

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Yonathan exemplifies what the business is all about. He is extraordinarily charming, confident and most importantly deeply devoted to each and every event. With an organic and peaceful soul, Yonathan's warmth and talent extends beyond.

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Elgin also known as MC El brings that "Uptown Funk You Up" vibe to the next level. This youthful passionate, charasmatic entertainer is the ultimate triple threat.

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Following a successful international and west coast tour, Mario brings his genuine smile back home. He combines his dancing, acting and modeling to become one of Untouchable Events top emcees. Sophisticated yet edgy, Mario strikes the perfect balance that connects with both adults and kids.

MCs & DJs

Our MCs and DJs, who create the energy and the flow of your event, are sophisticated and experienced. You will meet with our team to discuss the music, timing and other entertainment elements of your event. We will make sure that the music and entertainment are unique reflections of your vision, guided by our experience. Once your party starts, you can relax, knowing that your MC will run your party seamlessly, and our MC, DJ and dancers will create an exciting, memorable and extraordinary event.